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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) has identified anonymous employee "whistleblower" hotlines as the most effective method of detecting fraud in the workplace. The ACFE further reported that organizations without an anonymous hotline suffer more than twice the average loss of those lacking this mechanism.

Overwhelmingly, studies have shown that the key to success is employee confidence in the hotline's anonymity. As a third-party vendor and company name that has earned caller trust for over 20 years, Safety Alert is an excellent means of assuring this trust.

How It Works

Setting up your Safety Alert Employee Hotline is quick and easy. It only takes about five minutes to register your company. This program is extremely affordable. There are no contracts; the report packages never expire; and best of all, you pay as you go.

Simply, go to the Safety Alert Employee Hotline registration page and fill in your company information.

  • Pick the report package plan that best serves your needs.
  • Provide us with an address, and Safety Alert Hotline Posters will be promptly delivered.
  • Display the posters in lunchrooms and other common areas, where they can be easily seen.
  • We will not contact your employees directly. An email template with a Vcard attachment will be sent to your email address, so that you can introduce your employees to your program.
  • When a report is taken, you will be emailed the anonymous report.
  • Complete access to all reports will be available through our secure, password-protected website.

All calls will be answered by live, trained and experienced operators. Caller information is strictly confidential.

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